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Chief Randy Dufrene

Almost 25 years ago, Randy Dufrene started his career as a police officer for the Town of Livingston, first, as a reserve officer and then, in January of 1986, as a full time police officer.   After honing his skills as a police officer for 20 years, the voters of Livingston elected Randy as their Chief of Police in 2004.

    In that capacity, Chief Dufrene attended and graduated from Louisiana Law Enforcement Executive Management Institute for Chiefs, becoming the first Town of Livingston Chief of Police to do so.  In order to provide the residents of Livingston with the best possible law enforcement techniques, Chief Dufrene has continued to attend classes and seminars, including graduating from the Louisiana Post Academy.

    Because of the diligence and dedication of Chief Dufrene, the modern Livingston Police Department is a unit of four (4) full time and four (4) part time police professionals utilizing the latest police techniques and equipment in order to make Livingston a safer and better place to live and raise a family.


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